Lifeguard Re-shoot

Posted in Photography by daybf on May 4, 2010

I re-shot Jessica as a lifeguard, but scouted a new location and added a kiddy pool and “swimmer” (Shaina).

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Jessica, Guarding Dangerous Waters

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on April 14, 2010

Jessica, friend and roommate, has worked at Raging Waters as a lifeguard for many summers. Since she has all the lifeguarding get-up, I’ve been wanting to photograph her in the suit in a quirky way. Originally I thought about photographing her standing in a large puddle, but we changed to the little pathetic creek at a local park. The idea is that such a body of water does not need supervision, but in this fictional world it does. I didn’t realize how different the coloring was between them until I uploaded them to wordpress so I may go back and tweak them more. Overall a very fun shoot!

My fave (surprise surprise, it’s closer up than the others):

Just for fun:

I didn’t edit her eyes at all.

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