Greyhound Rock: Holga Style

Posted in 120mm, Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on October 17, 2012

I’m on a total film kick ever since I started scanning my Holga 120mm rolls from the last 2 years. Today I’m showcasing photos from my favorite beach off of Highway 1: Greyhound Rock. This particular outing was accompanied by my good friend Sarah who I’ve known since way back when-high school circa 2002. I just realized that we must have met around this time a decade ago. Wow.




Twin Lakes Beach at sunset

Posted in 365, Photography by daybf on February 7, 2011

7/365: Sun setting behind the Walton Lighthouse as seen from Twin Lakes Beach. I sure do live in a beautiful place!
Pick of the day:
It’s amazing how much the light changes during one sunset.

Four-Lens 35mm Camera, trials [and errors]

Posted in 35mm, Action, Film, Photography by daybf on January 30, 2011

After developing the one damaged negative I posted about back in December, I decided to shoot more with my little plastic 35 mm. The camera has 4 lenses similar to this which takes 4 pictures in 1 second with 1 click of the shutter. So you end up with 4 images on each negative. Unfortunately they all ended up cloudy and underexposed, so I think something is wrong with the camera…

After embracing the low-tech noisiness of the photos and doing some editing, I decided that the rolls are not a complete bust, but at the very least a little fun and different.

These photos were taken with my strobe’s modeling light on full power, and still came out super noisy:
A partially cloudy day in the woods made for too dark of lighting:
The most successful ones were taken in full sunlight:

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