Greyhound Rock: Holga Style…again.

Posted in 120mm, Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on February 12, 2013

It’s difficult NOT to photograph Greyhound Rock (my favorite beach off highway 1) whenever I go. I’ve captured the beach with my Holga before and had more shots on my recent rolls of film.

Here’s the rock in all of its glory with a flash of blue (blue filter covering flash). 

Greyhound Rock: Holga Style

Posted in 120mm, Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on October 17, 2012

I’m on a total film kick ever since I started scanning my Holga 120mm rolls from the last 2 years. Today I’m showcasing photos from my favorite beach off of Highway 1: Greyhound Rock. This particular outing was accompanied by my good friend Sarah who I’ve known since way back when-high school circa 2002. I just realized that we must have met around this time a decade ago. Wow.




Return of my Mighty Holga!

Posted in 120mm, Film, Holga, Photography, Travel by daybf on October 9, 2012

In the past I’ve had my Holga 120mm film rolls developed and scanned at the same time from Bay Photo Lab in Santa Cruz. Early this year they stopped processing film altogether, so I had my film developed at Foto Express in downtown San Jose, but opted out paying for digital scans. I decided to invest in a film negative scanner so I can do my own film scans and hopefully scan old slides my family has as well.

The fun thing about my Holga is I don’t take photos with it often, so 1 roll can contain photos from a whole range of events. This first batch of scans are from the same roll but contain images from my first NFL game (Raiders vs. The Bears), a trip to Seattle last February, a local beach outing, and my coworker/friend Ari and I at First Friday in Santa Cruz.

Can you spy the double exposure? ^ 
From this same roll I also have images from Christmas (2011) and New Years Eve that I’ll be posting in the future!

Quad Cam: Summertime Joy Still Upon Us

Posted in 35mm, Film, Photography by daybf on October 4, 2012

Summer has come and gone, but here in California October has only given us hotter weather. Here are some fun beach photos to commemorate that happy summer feeling that has drawn out through this Fall.

These photos were taken with my little 35mm quad camera. It has 4 lenses similar to this which takes 4 pictures in 1 second with 1 click of the shutter. So you end up with 4 images on each negative.






Twin Lakes Beach at sunset

Posted in 365, Photography by daybf on February 7, 2011

7/365: Sun setting behind the Walton Lighthouse as seen from Twin Lakes Beach. I sure do live in a beautiful place!
Pick of the day:
It’s amazing how much the light changes during one sunset.

Holga: roll 4, part 1, Shaina and Taylor visit

Posted in Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on January 31, 2011

Shaina and Taylor visited on the weekend of the 15th and they couldn’t have chosen a better weekend! Talk about perfect weather and clear skies. So, we strolled West Cliff Drive, and then I drove them around the east side and Pleasure Point.

Of course I brought my Holga along! Did a little mash up of some of the shots:

Four-Lens 35mm Camera, trials [and errors]

Posted in 35mm, Action, Film, Photography by daybf on January 30, 2011

After developing the one damaged negative I posted about back in December, I decided to shoot more with my little plastic 35 mm. The camera has 4 lenses similar to this which takes 4 pictures in 1 second with 1 click of the shutter. So you end up with 4 images on each negative. Unfortunately they all ended up cloudy and underexposed, so I think something is wrong with the camera…

After embracing the low-tech noisiness of the photos and doing some editing, I decided that the rolls are not a complete bust, but at the very least a little fun and different.

These photos were taken with my strobe’s modeling light on full power, and still came out super noisy:
A partially cloudy day in the woods made for too dark of lighting:
The most successful ones were taken in full sunlight:

Holga: roll 3, part 2

Posted in Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on January 12, 2011

More Holga experiments. Double exposure of my boyfriend Joe, and just some nice beach scenes at Blacks Beach/14th Ave.

Random Damaged 35mm Film

Posted in Film, Photography by daybf on December 23, 2010

I found a mysterious used roll of 35mm film in my room and decided to get it developed to see what was on it. Unfortunately when I picked it up today I found out there was only 1 correctly exposed image on the entire roll. And it was not from any ordinary camera! A few years back Sarah McLean gave me a plastic 35mm camera with 4 lenses similar to this which takes 4 pictures in 1 second with 1 click of the shutter. So you end up with 4 images on each negative. This roll of film was pretty messed up and the one complete set of 4 images was actually stretched across 2 exposures. Low and behold:


Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on May 20, 2010

Soraya graciously agreed to pose for me and ended up doing a fantastic job. We went out to dunes in Montano de Oro and played around with her hair, the sand, different poses, lighting, and the wind. This was the first shoot with my Canon 5d Mark II!

My two favorites:

A visitor [we loved its foot prints]:

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