Scott and Mariel, 21st Avenue

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on March 18, 2011

During my walk down 21st Ave, I came across two Portland Modern employees sitting outside for a smoke break. Their clothing and style caught my eye, and it turned out they were wearing clothes from the store and talking to each other in fake accents. They were really fun people and were nice enough to let me take a bunch of portraits of them. When I was done I gave them each my card and they introduced themselves as Scott and Mariel. I told them to e-mail me for copies and Mariel was very skeptical. She made me promise that I would actually reply to her e-mail, and I did! I e-mailed her photos right after she contacted me, so I hope she’s happy with them.

At one point Mariel offered me a drag of her cigarette, and when I declined, saying that I didn’t smoke, she said “I’ve never met a photographer who didn’t smoke,” which I found humorous. Ok, let’s get to the photos!

I took this quick shot of their legs (right) last minute and fell in love with it. Amazing how much expression you can get from legs and hands, isn’t it?
They continued talking in their accents as I took photos, so I call this a “conversation diptych”
Then I asked for a few of them looking at me. They were naturals! Mariel:

James and B.D. Miller [circus shoot #1]

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on December 20, 2010

Travis-an old friend of mine from high school-has put together a circus group in Santa Cruz and asked me to takes photos of everyone for publicity and such. I am really excited for the project, because I’m always looking for fun, interesting people to photograph. And who’s better than a circus group? Hair and make-up? done. Wardrobe? taken care of.

Here is the first shoot of Travis and Cameron, aka James and B.D. Miller. James is essentially the ring leader in a non-traditional sense. B.D. Miller is the musician and played guitar for the duration of the shoot. Wish I could hire him to play background music at all my shoots! Each “character” in the group has a certain vice, and both James and B.D. Miller are heavy drinkers. In addition, James smokes and loves attention, while B.D. Miller habitually plays too-long guitar solos. I hope this helps make sense of the whiskey-filled photos.

I realize I posted a ton of photos, but we did such a variety of poses and concepts, I wanted to highlight them all. Thoughts? Favorites? Feedback?

Oh and check out his page on Facebook: James “On The Rocks”

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