Carson Michael

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Carson Michael was born on December 3, 2012, and I had the pleasure of taking his newborn pics 5 days later. His mother Sarah and I have been friends since we were freshmen in High School (11!? years ago) and now she has two beautiful children. You’ve seen her daughter Ava on here before when she turned one and two. Ava is turning out to be an amazing big sister, and it will be fun to watch them grow up together.

How adorable is Carson?

Carson_1_web_watermarkHe has super long fingers. I predict master pianist.

Emilio’s Baptism

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Back in July an old friend of mine asked me to photograph her son’s baptism. I had never been to a baptism before, so it was a neat experience to attend. It was also good low-light photography practice. Patricia looked beautiful, and her son Emilio was well behaved!

I’m mostly posting the live-action candid event photos and leaving the family photos out, but I had to post a photo of Emilio with his proud parents (last photo of the post).

Ava Rose is 2!

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I haven’t been taking many noteworthy photos lately, but when Sarah came into town to have a party for her daughter’s 2nd birthday, she requested some photos and I was happy to oblige! Last year I took photos for Ava’s first birthday, and it’s amazing how much she has grown and changed. Check out her hair! I don’t think anyone predicted such light locks!

Ava wasn’t stoked about being photographed–or staying still for that matter–but she’s still cute when she’s grumpy.

Sarah and her boyfriend Shawn: Can you believe how much their striking light green eyes match?

Lailani Marie

Posted in Baby, Photography, Portraiture by daybf on August 28, 2010

This is another long overdue post, as I am very behind in everything photo. My good friend Rebecca gave birth to her daughter Lailani Marie on July 13th and I took these photos the next day. She’s darling.

This is when I called her burrito baby:

Ava Rose

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This is very, very long overdue, but here are photos from my photoshoot with Sarah’s 1 year old daughter 2 days after her first birthday. We called it her “glamour shoot” and it was my present for her. I made 2 large prints and framed them for Sarah to cherish. Isn’t she adorable?


Beautiful Sarah-unfortunately Ava wasn’t on the same page as her on this one.

The family cat.

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