Año Nuevo: Holga Style

Posted in 120mm, Film, Holga, Nature, Photography by daybf on February 13, 2013

Last March my family and I went and saw the elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Park for the first time. Of course I have a million pictures from that trip with my “real” camera that I never edited or shared. It’s practically a year later and it took a random roll of Holga film to remind me of those forgotten photos. Someday they will make an appearance as well, but for now here’s Holga’s take on the trip. Since my Holga has such a point of view, I suddenly think that it needs a name…you know, like people name their cars (my car=Roxy). I’ll have to give it some thought…

This sequence of photos is exactly how they appear on the roll of film. All the overlap actually worked out nicely:
I love how the elephant seals just flop about. Pick a spot, flop down, and sleeeeeeeeeep.

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