Exploring Portland’s Nob Hill District, 21st & 23rd Ave Neighborhood

Posted in Photography, Portraiture, Travel by daybf on March 17, 2011

Our hotel was closest to Portland’s Nob Hill district in northwest Portland. I spent one early afternoon walking up and down 23rd and 21st avenue taking photos and browsing some shops.

Went to a cool coffee shop called Coffee Time on 21st avenue. Awesome rock & roll painted outdoor tables:
I photographed the barista (left), and a man from San Francisco (right) sitting near a table lamp. We had a quick conversation about photography (since I had my camera around my neck) and then I asked him to pose, and he went right into deep stare mode.
Silly self-portrait in the graffiti-filled Coffee Time bathroom.

Kate, Victorian Era Dreamer

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on January 16, 2011

Last Thursday I photographed Kate Luttrell wearing one of her fantastic Victorian-era-style dresses. She has a neat antique bookcase in her room, which I know I wanted to use as a backdrop/prop. My idea was to represent how strongly someone can be engrossed in another time by reading. I had Kate keep her hair and make-up casual and up-to-date, since the shoot is set in the present day.

All in all it ended up looking like a campaign to get kids interested in reading!

Lighting: Photoflex StarFlash Strobe with a 3′ OctoDome

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