Holga: roll 4, part 2

Posted in Film, Holga, Photography, Portraiture by daybf on February 1, 2011

This roll included quite an array of people! Top left are two of my cousins on my dad’s side, Kyle and Adam, on Christmas Eve. Top right is Adam holding up a Fushigi Ball, which is a magic illusion ball that looks like it moves on its own.

On the second photo down on the right is my cousin Briana, from my mom’s side of the family. I gave her a buddha globe as a gift and told her to hold it up and make a “buddha face.”

The bottom two portraits in blue are Sarah (left) and Kate (right) during their recent photoshoots. The blue flash + Kate’s red wall turned purple! We were wondering if that would actually happen…
Jake and Joe eating at Woodstock’s Pizza along with a nonflash failure of the Woodstock’s interior.

Holga: roll 3, part 2

Posted in Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on January 12, 2011

More Holga experiments. Double exposure of my boyfriend Joe, and just some nice beach scenes at Blacks Beach/14th Ave.

Holga: roll 3, part 1

Posted in Film, Holga, Music, Photography, Portraiture by daybf on January 11, 2011

My good friend Yelena, who is a fellow Cal Poly Art & Design grad, came to Santa Cruz for an Expendables show at the Catalyst and then stayed for the day on that Saturday. The day was open-ended and accidentally turned into quite the hipster date. First we browsed MetaVinyl and discussed our purchases at The Caffe Pergolesi over Santa Cruz Ale Works hefeweizen. So, naturally, I brought my Holga along to document the outing, which ended with watching the sunset on the cliffs overlooking Seabright beach.

In case it isn’t obvious from the photos, Yelena is an extremely talented designer and all-around artist. Definitely check out her design portfolio and blog.

Lesson: Holga + sunset = not much.
Notice my sad attempt at bulb mode on the far right-better exposure, but I moved :/

Sporadically shooting with my Holga makes me feel like a novice photographer again.

Holga: roll 2, Long Beach

Posted in Film, Holga, Photography by daybf on January 10, 2011

This is the 2nd Holga roll from Long Beach where I spent four days with a group of ladies doing nothing but girly things prepping for Nina’s wedding day. Shopping for hair accessories, getting our nails and hair done etc…

At the Los Cerritos Shopping Center:

Forever 21
Forever 21
Marriott Residence Inn Long Beach in-room wedding day prep:
Nina and A.J. at Legends Sports Bar during their rehearsal dinner:

Holga: 1st roll, Ebell Club

Posted in Event, Film, Holga, Photography, Portraiture, Wedding by daybf on December 20, 2010

I received a Holga camera for my birthday, and I was eager to start experimenting with it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Holga, it’s a medium-format plastic camera known for unpredictable light leaks, soft focusing, double-exposure capability, and vignetting. Each one is unique and produces odd effects of its own. So really this camera has a cult following based on its inconsistency and unpredictability.

I went to Long Beach for 4 days as a bridesmaid in my friend Nina’s wedding, so I put it to good use. The first roll I had developed is actually the 2nd roll I’ve taken (1st and 3rd roll are still being processed) and took place at the wedding site: the beautiful Ebell Club.

My favorite from inside the Bridal Room:
Getting ready in the Bridal Room:
Tying Nina’s corset, and a double exposure of the ceremony hall as seen from the balcony on the second floor:
I am in love with this sofa-seen here with Nina’s bouquet:
Stool near window outside of Bridal Room:

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