365 Project: day 1! [self-portrait]

Posted in 365, Photography, Portraiture by daybf on February 1, 2011

I’ve been wanting to start a 365 project for a few years now, but I was a little afraid to actually start. It’s a big commitment to take and post a photo each day! But, I think it will be a great challenge and I’ll strive for the best photos possible. I also wanted to start at the beginning of a month, so since I missed out on January, February 1st it is! To start I just did a simple self-portrait to further experiment with my new light set-up, and to get the ball rolling.

It’s a very bare-bones portrait of me. No fuss, just a lil mascara, neutral expression. Just me.

And, because this is my blog after all, here are some fun outtakes:

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