Holga: roll 4, part 2

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This roll included quite an array of people! Top left are two of my cousins on my dad’s side, Kyle and Adam, on Christmas Eve. Top right is Adam holding up a Fushigi Ball, which is a magic illusion ball that looks like it moves on its own.

On the second photo down on the right is my cousin Briana, from my mom’s side of the family. I gave her a buddha globe as a gift and told her to hold it up and make a “buddha face.”

The bottom two portraits in blue are Sarah (left) and Kate (right) during their recent photoshoots. The blue flash + Kate’s red wall turned purple! We were wondering if that would actually happen…
Jake and Joe eating at Woodstock’s Pizza along with a nonflash failure of the Woodstock’s interior.

Sarah, Bed Head Beauty

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on January 27, 2011

More portraits with my new Photoflex StarFlash Strobe and OctoDome!

I absolutely love my friend Sarah’s room and finally formulated a photo concept around it. Look familiar? You’ve seen Sarah before in my post Sarah McLean with tea and her violin. She is always up for photo ventures and was a super good sport for this shoot. Even after I puffed up her hair 😉

I wanted a relaxed portrait with a just-woke-up-but-still-beautiful feel. Sarah and I also share a love for books, so I perused her overflowing pile of library books. The annual Santa Cruz Fungus Festival happened recently, so she had checked out some books about mushrooms. I thought one of them in particular would go well with the colors in the room, and compliment the framed butterflies.

These 2 are my favorites:
I also love the one on the right:

Sarah has many talents, and I just learned that touching her nose with her tongue is one of them!

Joe, Another Bed Dweller

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I had all of my lighting equipment at the Luttrell household, so I took some quick shots of Joe in his bedroom. I’m always trying to get him to wear plaid (I love plaid, especially on guys), so this shirt was a gift from me.
My favorite:

Lighting: Photoflex StarFlash Strobe with a 3′ OctoDome

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Kate, College Student Bed Dweller

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In addition to the Victorian photos, I also took “normal” portraits of Kate.

Meet Jackson (or J. Brown, Brownie, and 10 other nicknames I can’t recall) The largest, softest, fluffiest cat with a kitten meow you’ll ever meet. Oh, and Kate and Joe (her brother, my boyfriend) happen to be obssessed with this creature. I guess I can admit he’s kinda cute 😉

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Kate, Victorian Era Dreamer

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on January 16, 2011

Last Thursday I photographed Kate Luttrell wearing one of her fantastic Victorian-era-style dresses. She has a neat antique bookcase in her room, which I know I wanted to use as a backdrop/prop. My idea was to represent how strongly someone can be engrossed in another time by reading. I had Kate keep her hair and make-up casual and up-to-date, since the shoot is set in the present day.

All in all it ended up looking like a campaign to get kids interested in reading!

Lighting: Photoflex StarFlash Strobe with a 3′ OctoDome

James and B.D. Miller [circus shoot #1]

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Travis-an old friend of mine from high school-has put together a circus group in Santa Cruz and asked me to takes photos of everyone for publicity and such. I am really excited for the project, because I’m always looking for fun, interesting people to photograph. And who’s better than a circus group? Hair and make-up? done. Wardrobe? taken care of.

Here is the first shoot of Travis and Cameron, aka James and B.D. Miller. James is essentially the ring leader in a non-traditional sense. B.D. Miller is the musician and played guitar for the duration of the shoot. Wish I could hire him to play background music at all my shoots! Each “character” in the group has a certain vice, and both James and B.D. Miller are heavy drinkers. In addition, James smokes and loves attention, while B.D. Miller habitually plays too-long guitar solos. I hope this helps make sense of the whiskey-filled photos.

I realize I posted a ton of photos, but we did such a variety of poses and concepts, I wanted to highlight them all. Thoughts? Favorites? Feedback?

Oh and check out his page on Facebook: James “On The Rocks”

Shannon and Marie Pink -> recent grads 8D

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It’s hard to believe, but Shannon and I have been friends for over 8 years now. Freshman year of high school I would have never guessed we’d attend the same university, keep playing soccer and continue to be mistaken for sisters, but look at us now! 2010 was an exciting year dedicated to finishing college degrees: Shannon and I from Cal Poly and her sister Marie from San Jose State, so I was pleased when Shannon asked me to take her and Marie’s graduation photos. They are naturally beautiful and relaxed, so the quick shoot at Felton Covered Bridge Park was a breeze.

Sarah Pink stopped by so I captured some mother-daughters shots:

ready for the real world!

Nina at Blackberry Farm

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on September 25, 2010

Last Thursday I had a fun freelance portrait job! I was pleased when Yelena called me and asked if I would mind taking photos of her mother’s friend. I was more than happy to have a new subject! It turns out the next day I talked to the friend in question (Nina), and then a day later I was on her door step having no idea what to expect. In a perfect world I would have scoped out locations and met her for coffee before the shoot to have a better idea of what she was looking for. In reality I finished my normal school photography work day, looked up Nina’s home address on my GPS, and headed over to Cupertino to shoot at a park called the Balckberry Farm near her home.

Nina was so prepared I could hardly believe it. She had chosen 4 outfits–which were neatly draped over her couch–along with matching shoes and jewelery for each option. I chose 2 and we were off! Despite the casual preparation, I got a lot of great shots. Nina was surprisingly comfortable in front of the camera and has these beautiful striking eyes that I’m totally jealous of. Now I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

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Sarah Mclean with tea and her violin

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on August 29, 2010

Sarah’s entire family has amazing eyes, and I’ve been meaning to photograph Sarah forever. She has such a great positive energy that easily radiates in front of the camera. We just casually “played” in her backyard.

First, the famous half-German Shepard Ahkita or “Kita” “goose” “hound” etc:

Oh Sarah, she’s so silly:

My favorites:

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Lailani Marie

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This is another long overdue post, as I am very behind in everything photo. My good friend Rebecca gave birth to her daughter Lailani Marie on July 13th and I took these photos the next day. She’s darling.

This is when I called her burrito baby:

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