Sarah, Bed Head Beauty

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on January 27, 2011

More portraits with my new Photoflex StarFlash Strobe and OctoDome!

I absolutely love my friend Sarah’s room and finally formulated a photo concept around it. Look familiar? You’ve seen Sarah before in my post Sarah McLean with tea and her violin. She is always up for photo ventures and was a super good sport for this shoot. Even after I puffed up her hair 😉

I wanted a relaxed portrait with a just-woke-up-but-still-beautiful feel. Sarah and I also share a love for books, so I perused her overflowing pile of library books. The annual Santa Cruz Fungus Festival happened recently, so she had checked out some books about mushrooms. I thought one of them in particular would go well with the colors in the room, and compliment the framed butterflies.

These 2 are my favorites:
I also love the one on the right:

Sarah has many talents, and I just learned that touching her nose with her tongue is one of them!

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