Holga: roll 3, part 1

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My good friend Yelena, who is a fellow Cal Poly Art & Design grad, came to Santa Cruz for an Expendables show at the Catalyst and then stayed for the day on that Saturday. The day was open-ended and accidentally turned into quite the hipster date. First we browsed MetaVinyl and discussed our purchases at The Caffe Pergolesi over Santa Cruz Ale Works hefeweizen. So, naturally, I brought my Holga along to document the outing, which ended with watching the sunset on the cliffs overlooking Seabright beach.

In case it isn’t obvious from the photos, Yelena is an extremely talented designer and all-around artist. Definitely check out her design portfolio and blog.

Lesson: Holga + sunset = not much.
Notice my sad attempt at bulb mode on the far right-better exposure, but I moved :/

Sporadically shooting with my Holga makes me feel like a novice photographer again.

Tibetan Sand Mandala Completion/Closing Ceremony

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Tibetan monks came to Cal Poly and spent four days creating a sand Mandala in the University Union. This was particularly fun for me to see, because I took a Buddhist art history class, learned a lot about different Mandalas and only saw videos of monks making sand mandalas. Mandala literally translates to “essence container” in Sanskrit and is generally used as a meditation aid in Buddhism. A Mandala can be a diagram of the universe, enlightened vision of a Buddha, and a place of Nirvana and peace.










_MG_4348_1 _MG_4343_1

Mai-Chi (a Graphic Design student at Cal Poly) created this Mandala for anyone to add sand to throughout the four days.



The closing ceremony included music and chanting:

_MG_4390_1 _MG_4424_1



When finished, the Mandala is destroyed to symbolize the impermanence of all that exists. Everyone at the closing ceremony was given a vial of the sand.


_MG_4474_1 _MG_4471_1


Once they ran out of vials, they began putting sand in ziplock bags to ensure that everyone in attendance could take home sand.






_MG_4522_1 _MG_4506_1





After the ceremony they walked to Santa Rosa Park creek to release the sand. The idea is for the water to carry the healing energies throughout the world.

_MG_4536_1My vial of sand 8D:


Here’s to happiness and good health!

Photo info-I solely used my new Canon EF 50 mm f1.4 lens. I still haven’t used it that much, but am loving it. I didn’t need flash in the poorly lit (at least in photography terms) University Union?-unheard of!

Band Shoot #4: PK

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I had my longest photoshoot yet, with the San Luis Obispo (Paso Robles) band PK last Sunday. I am very pleased with the results 8D The guys were up for my goofy ideas and in high spirits despite long days at work, and sickness. We met in Paso Robles where we took photos at a winery and their practice space near an airport. The weather was beautiful, and I was lucky the natural light was so nice-especially close to sunset.

Listen to PK on myspace and purevolume

Train car at the winery:
Mikel made whistling sounds with grass at the swans.
_MG_3946 2
Out by the airport near the practice space:

A plane landed behind us while setting up the next shot. Not the best photo of PK, but I’m glad I caught the plane! [as the sun set too]
Matt walked out to a cluster of watermelons and discovered it was very muddy…resulted in some pretty dirty sneakers.
My trusty assistant Karolin! I was thankful for her help.
Bass (Mikel Van Kranenburg)
“Made in San Luis Obispo”
We went into the practice space so I could take photos of PK playing.
Nick Fotinakes:                                              Matt Depauw:
_MG_4063_crop _MG_4056
Travis Hawley (vocals):

_MG_4108 _MG_4061

Kevin Menesez:
Painting with light (luckily PK is easy to write, so the possibilities were endless):
This was a favorite…
My personal fave:
Me with the band:
Day With PK

Band Photo Shoot #3: Axia

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My first formal group photo shoot was with Axia. They’re a hard/metal rock group out of San Luis Obispo, Ca. Listen to them on myspace and reverbnation.

This photo shoot was a challenge, because we met after dark. I ended up just using a single strobe off-camera and a white reflector for slightly softer light. Overall they were a lot of fun to work with and really easy going. Their spirit came through in the shots thanks to their energy!

Outside their practice space on Tank Farm Rd. (think industrial).






Inside the practice space:
Individual Shots
Ian Forbes (keys):

Dusty Rhoads (drums):
Chad Land (rhythm/lead guitars and vocals):
Steve Gourley (bass, backing vocals):

Ian’s tattooed hands:



Musician #2: Alex Miner @ The Clubhouse

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This was my second live show for my project from September 20th. Alex Miner actually lived in my same dorm tower my freshmen year at Cal Poly, and now he plays locally in SLO. He’s a great songwriter and a talented pianist. You can listen to a couple of his songs here




_MG_3244 _MG_3308

_MG_3288 IMG_3237BW

Fall 2009-Senior Project Time! Band #1: Siko

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My first photos for my senior project. Siko at San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza September 4, 2009. They’re a fun funk rock band. Check them out here

IMG_2125 IMG_2140

IMG_2147 IMG_2230 2




IMG_2248 IMG_2222




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