Joe’s birthday present

Posted in 365, Photography by daybf on February 5, 2011

5/365: Yesterday was my boyfriend Joe’s 23rd birthday. He suggested I make him a mousepad for a present because his is old and he knows I like my art projects, especially when I’m making something for someone else. So, I started out by making a collage out of various magazine clippings. Then I scanned the collage, did a little editing, and printed it out on glossy photo paper. Next I cut the print to the size of a mousepad and covered it with contact paper to make it nice and smooth and shiny. I was pleased with the combination of the glossy paper and the glossy contact paper because it made all of the colors really pop. Finally I glued the design to the mousepad using Modge Podge glue (my favorite for collaging). I was a little worried it wouldn’t stick, but I put some heavy books on it for a day and it turned out fine!

Here is the original collage:
And the final result:
In use!

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  1. susan said, on February 17, 2011 at 10:29 am

    looks awesome! I see great product potential, t-shirts too…

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