James and B.D. Miller [circus shoot #1]

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on December 20, 2010

Travis-an old friend of mine from high school-has put together a circus group in Santa Cruz and asked me to takes photos of everyone for publicity and such. I am really excited for the project, because I’m always looking for fun, interesting people to photograph. And who’s better than a circus group? Hair and make-up? done. Wardrobe? taken care of.

Here is the first shoot of Travis and Cameron, aka James and B.D. Miller. James is essentially the ring leader in a non-traditional sense. B.D. Miller is the musician and played guitar for the duration of the shoot. Wish I could hire him to play background music at all my shoots! Each “character” in the group has a certain vice, and both James and B.D. Miller are heavy drinkers. In addition, James smokes and loves attention, while B.D. Miller habitually plays too-long guitar solos. I hope this helps make sense of the whiskey-filled photos.

I realize I posted a ton of photos, but we did such a variety of poses and concepts, I wanted to highlight them all. Thoughts? Favorites? Feedback?

Oh and check out his page on Facebook: James “On The Rocks”

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