Nina at Blackberry Farm

Posted in Photography, Portraiture by daybf on September 25, 2010

Last Thursday I had a fun freelance portrait job! I was pleased when Yelena called me and asked if I would mind taking photos of her mother’s friend. I was more than happy to have a new subject! It turns out the next day I talked to the friend in question (Nina), and then a day later I was on her door step having no idea what to expect. In a perfect world I would have scoped out locations and met her for coffee before the shoot to have a better idea of what she was looking for. In reality I finished my normal school photography work day, looked up Nina’s home address on my GPS, and headed over to Cupertino to shoot at a park called the Balckberry Farm near her home.

Nina was so prepared I could hardly believe it. She had chosen 4 outfits–which were neatly draped over her couch–along with matching shoes and jewelery for each option. I chose 2 and we were off! Despite the casual preparation, I got a lot of great shots. Nina was surprisingly comfortable in front of the camera and has these beautiful striking eyes that I’m totally jealous of. Now I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

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